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“Adjustable Super Structural Extensible Timepieces”

A new playful experience

Discover a new playful experience with our ASSET models and the exclusive “damper” jack lugs system, providing comfort and safety by absorbing the excessive energy of the wrist.

105 tailored components

Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium

Dimension 46mm

Limited edition 15 pieces. Each watch is individually engraved “1 of the 15”.

Pre-order in progress. Estimated delivery mid-October.

Out of stock

Technical specifications


Flyback chronograph 2 column wheels

Caliber 3916a (Swiss made)

Mechanical automatic self winding movement developed by Eterna movements

169 components

Frequency 28 800 a/h

Power reserve 60h

35 jewels

Holding plate decorated by MW&Co

MW&Co in-house rotor


Exclusive unique architecture

77 tailor made components

Aerospace grade 5 titanium

Dimensions 46mm


Handmade Veal leather

2 aerospace grade 5 titanium inserts

Aerospace grade 5 titanium buckle

Enter the Metaverse

Welcome to the beautiful world of horological superluminescence.

Our First Metaverse ready Timepiece the ASSET Black Badger V2.

Strictly limited to 15 pieces.

A Free NFT of the watch is included.

Metaverse ready: When redeemed, along with your physical watch, comes an NFT. You will be able to claim this digital twin from a secured, non custodial wallet used by some of the most exclusive watch brands, in just one click. It includes a 3D file allowing you to enjoy your watch in AR and to display it in your micro verse gallery.

This NFT will become your product passport, it will record all future services made on the watch and allow you to prove that you are the owner to access to future whitelists, events and web3 initiatives.

Discover the new Badgerite

Don’t you think that the ASSET Black Badger V2 would be a perfect fit in a sci-fi movie?

Symbolising the beginning of a new ecosystem for our customers, this mesmerizing glowing timepiece transports us in the world of web 3, where everything becomes possible.

Thompson’s new badgerite has the longest and most intense glow feature ever.

When fully charged with sunlight, the timepiece will glow continuously during at least 4 Hours.

Let it glow

You will never be alone in the dark ever again

Find your way in the metaverse and let your wrist guide you, thanks to the most advanced Badgerite ever made.

When you collaborate with James Thompson, fun has to be in the centre of the process, so obviously this piece is all about how much fun can one experience with it.

Oasis Green

Out of all the colors that can be used and reflect light with different intensity, green is undoubtedly the one which stands out the most.

It actually is related to human eye perception, basically, the light emission of all phosphors follows an exponential decay. After finishing the activation process the luminous deposit will shine very intensely in darkness, but loose its brightness also strongly.

The human eye sensitivity behaves differently, when moving from lighted area into darkness, the sensitivity is increasing. The rather strong brightness decrease is perceived very moderate.

At a certain level, the eye switches from photopic (daylight/color) to the scotopic (night/black and white) receptors which are much more sensitive.

In practical use, a green emitting phosphor suits best for the high green sensitivity of the photopic eye receptors.

A one of a kind experience

The Asset Black Badger unleashes the real full excitement when the sun has set, definitely illuminating the wearer’s wrist in the most unprecedented way, making it a unique one of a kind experience

For the first time in our history, it is possible to have your watch displayed in AR, have fun with it virtually and share this experience on your social medias.

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